Tax and Computational Support for Law Firms

Along with assistance in tax investigations, we also provide a forensic analysis service to assist in tracing assets and monies. 

Working alongside several law firms, our team of tax analysts possess high-level skills in tracing criminal proceeds.

We use a range of appropriate methodologies when working with multi-jurisdictional entities including; individual, corporate and trust bank accounts.

Our experience includes tracing assets and funds through bank accounts of individuals, companies and trusts in cases involving bribery, corruption and money laundering.


Due to our vast experience, we are able to present complex data in a way that is straight forward, whilst remaining capable of being used as evidence in any case.

Our ability to adapt to all types of cases ensures that the service we provide is bespoke to the exact needs of the case.

In one particular example, the firm has undertaken a forensic investigation into a bribery and corruption case involving over 120 bank accounts across 10 jurisdictions.

Our remit was to trace tainted funds which had been received as a direct result of bribes paid for contracts. The tainted funds in this case identified amounted to US$52M, spread throughout a number of offshore bank accounts.

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