R&D Tax Credits

Specialist support to businesses looking to claim R&D tax credits on their investment in research and development. 


Designed to relieve the time and burden placed on businesses wishing to claim these reliefs.

The purpose of R&D tax credits is to encourage innovation and increase spending on R&D activities for companies operating in the United Kingdom.

It is one of the UK government’s top incentives for encouraging investment in research and development and allows up to 33.35% of a company’s R&D spend to be recovered, either as a reduction in Corporation Tax or a cash repayment.

Who is eligible for R&D Tax Credits?

Any company in any industry may be eligible for R&D Tax Credits.

The key is that the company must undertake development activities aimed at achieving advancement in science or technology.

These include:

  • Creating new products, processes, or services
  • Changing or modifying an existing product or service

What Costs Qualify For R&D Tax Credits?

Check if you are eligible

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How STS Europe can help

Our understanding of this tax vehicle enables us to act as an interpreter between your project and HMRC. Our analysts prepare the computations and the technical narrative, submit your claim to HMRC and deal with any direct HMRC communication.

We assist our clients through the entire process, from the first call to the final R&D tax credit payment.

Despite the substantial financial benefits, only a small percentage of companies eligible for this Tax Credit apply, do not miss out!

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