Truth and Justice

Whilst this may not be a frequent occurrence, regulators occasionally misuse their investigative powers.

Organisations such as HM Revenue & Customs, the National Crime Agency and the Financial Conduct Authority have, on occasions, been found to misuse their investigative powers.

This occurs in the larger and more complex investigations, which fundamentally creates a negative impact on an individual’s mental well-being, wealth and future of their businesses.


Do you feel you have been wrongly treated?

Specialist Taxation Services (Europe) Limited is now able to offer a unique service to those individuals who believe they have been mis-treated by a regulator.

Contact Andy Sharp directly for a free initial discussion.

Our service consists of a number of steps to firstly identify whether you have a case to make and then establish the consequences of the regulator’s actions.

Truth & justice - Andy Sharp
Andy Sharp – Director

Provide us with details of your mistreatment on a confidential basis. (We may request sight of key documents).

An examination of your case will take place to determine if you have a valid complaint against the regulator’s actions.

You will be provided with an initial report which will summarise your grounds for any complaint, suggested process, likely timelines for an investigation to be conducted etc.

If you wish to proceed, a Terms of Reference will be scoped to agree on how you will be supported in taking forward your complaint with the appropriate regulator.

Where any investigation confirms you have been inappropriately mistreated, we will discuss with you the potential to seek financial redress. We work with a panel of Lawyers (criminal and civil Barristers and Solicitors) and litigation funders who can support your case through the legal process. The costs of seeking financial redress can be very high and litigation funding is one option to provide cover for those costs. As part of the process we will provide a ‘head of claims’ to scope out your potential losses.

Following a complete analysis, a detailed particulars of claim will be provided to support any civil damages claim.

Settlement of your claim with the regulator.