Research suggests that households in England could face council tax rises

According to research, from April households in England face further council tax increases.

The County Councils Network said the majority of councils that run social care services would be raising council tax by the full amount allowed – 3.99%.

But it said councils faced a funding shortfall of £19bn over the next five years and it has called for more cash.

The County Councils Network which represents a group of 36 large local authorities, studied the published budgets of 133 of 151 councils who run social care services.

These budgets are due to be ratified next month and the network says its analysis showed that all 133 councils were planning to increase council tax.

Of these 133, 116 are planning to raise council tax by 3.99 per cent and all but two are proposing to include a two per cent social care precept, which will be specifically designated for care costs.

All but two of these are proposing to include a 2% social care precept, ring fenced for care services, it said. A total of 116 councils are planning to raise council tax by the maximum 3.99%, according to the research

The County Councils Network said that the council tax rises would amount to an average increase of up to £69 per household.


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Andrew Robinson

Andrew Robinson

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